well… wells!

An old client reimagined

A complete redesign of the site of an old client that wants to show it’s current production advantages and capabilities


Aegean Luxury Villas

A complete guide to luxury

Part a portal – part a luxury travelling guide

A fully fledged guide to some of the unique and vip class services available to well known destinations. A really expandable at will implementation of an simple (at the conception) idea. More at http://aegeanluxuryvillas.com/

Mykonos Living

…for good!

another challenging task

We are in the middle of a “freshy” but very “different” job. The best is yet to come… stay tuned for the complete project

the portal!

for and from Mykonos

We had a simple, yet very clear task. to create a portal with the following “everything you need to know and everything you must know”. Oh, it must be also “fresh”.


now that’s something wonderful

ANAX,Resort-Spa an many more!

a brand new project at Mykonos

We have so much Fun. At first seems so complicated, but we find the right “angle”. One of our best jobs for sure, logo and an wonderful-unique-simple ID!


Special redesign

working with established company in Mykonos

At the link: new web site!

The most difficult aspect of logo design is redesigning a logo for an established company, especially if the logo is emotionally attached to the founders. A challenging task that evolved to an amazing business and friendly relation. From the numerous iterations and proposed redesigns we choosed the most minimal aproach for the logo and let further design elements for the id to imply the image of Mykonos that mostly people refer to.


in the heart of the city

Hotel Athena

Attention to detail..

Rebranding a “oldie”

The building has the same usage for more than 50 years. The new owner made a bold move, revealing the past glory of the building, incoporating a retro feeling with modern amenities and attention to detail. We just follow along redesigning everything from the ground up. Identity and web site all reflect the mood the owner and interior designer gave to the hotel. There are glimpses of the past to every detail. Enjoy the stay…

work for 8500 years?

History in the making

Asine Archaelogical site

Logo & info design

Working for an archeological site of your region is an honor by itself. A multilayered task, involving logo design, 3D static images and modeling, image scanning and manipulation etc. All these had to boil down to final application which was the lava built signage and providing the source material for all other applications.
The final result is a must visit to the site itself.

Like a…

Like a Papillon

Greek Association of Wedding Photographers & Videographers

Logo design project, coming back with more soon!

liquid colors

A fine wine series

in need for a new label

So we have to work hard, and forget everything we knew. Project in progress…

eshop full of joy!

We have fun!

When we start talking about his e-shop, Panagiotis (the owner) said “I am tired of all web pages and e-shops that looks the same. I want something fresh, something fun, like a toy… Say no more. We have everything we want from you”. This just might be the fastest job brief…


Mykonos calling

The ultimate event planning Agency in Mykonos

We had to design something simple, clever and straight to the point! The combination of the letter U with the numbers 2 and 4 is somehow like making a pie. It has been cooked many times before but there is always a way to make something new, with the same ingredients.


Greek olive oil

More than a traditional product, Hellas essence

In a blooming, partly oversaturated market, we used imagery of the past and historical elements of the product that goes back thousands of years in our history, to breath new life to the design.

Enigma, still

Our annual challenge…

Working together for quite some years, every time with a need to go a bit further, to involve and make something unique…. again. This year was another challenge, accepted and completed. Check out for yourselves inside!


An amazing Photographer

with an unbelievable talent!

and now with her new I.D. and w.page

Before even start speaking with Stella for the very first time, we felt kinda strange. We already had seen her work and we thought it was going to be difficult working with her. Because, as an artist, she is expected to have an opinion over everything! And then, in the actual brief, she said: “Hey, do whatever you want. It’s your job. You know what i need. I just trust you…”. Thanks Stella!



3sixty cafe+restaurant+winebar+…amazing place!

in the heart of Nafplio

3Sixty cafe is located on the ground floor of a 1890s neoclassical building. Instead of making something “classic”, that was the safe option. we decide quite the opposite! The owners had done some amazing work combining many different materials with classic/modern lines. So we came up with this version… Enjoy!


De Pita Madre?

DePitaMadre – Grill House

A house that Grill like no other!

Kostas, the owner of this incredible project was quite clear from the initial “brief”, more of a confession. “We will leave aside the normal and what the competition does , I’ll do something strong and fresh and I want to see it everywhere, over and over again”. We automatically grasp the idea, between provocative, funny,  sexy and mysterious , we came up to what you see on our pages or even better in www.depitamadre.gr … and there are more to come!


xenon… colors!

Xenon Inn + cafe
2 in one!

a colorful place!

The Xenon is located in the heart of the old city of Nafplio, in the most famous square and is being surrounded by incredible sights and smells. There always had been a general idea, but something was missing … The color! We made our proposal, and at the beginning there were some hesitation on accepting it. Even we thought that went a bit further the road. Eventually the positive feedback for the site’s traffic came and we kept it!… well done!


solar power!

Dimas Solar S.A.


Corporate id & Web design

The initial project was the redesign of the ageing logo, wanting to do a retouch … In the process, we saw the need for a redesign of the whole identity and feel of Company’s profile … We proposed the owners a complete redesign of the brand and the steps we should take. They accepted our proposal with enthusiasm and we started working on the project… Some of work is completed we invite you to see ..


Oh, honey honey!

Antonis Dimakopoulos

Beekeeping – Products of Organic Farming

Corporate Id – Web & Packaging Design

Producing a unique product that has already won several awards in Greece and abroad, made the redesign of the packaging, logo and website the demanding next step. Evolving some core elements that existed before, in the same time trying to keep a traditional yet fresh and striking look to the brochures, packaging and web page … You can check out the final concept within the site.


intradoor the new branding

Intradoor S.A.
Industry of interior doors

new… everything!

A while ago we started the rebranding of the company intradoor. After the initial brief with the manager of the company Mihali Pikouli, we decided to do everything from scratch in order to be able to breathe new air and provide the company with a brand that fits its position in the market. Based on white and black color, with secondary colors as color coders, we have already completed the new website of the company, the main brochure and its corporate identity.