about us

Ok the first thing to say is, why this name?
Pretty much a phrase the Canadian concept artist / speedpainter Devy Levy often repeats during his tutorial works. With distictive French accent to any piece of a speedpaint, trying to capture the idea of ​​the moment, says “nothing too crazy”, knowing that each “random” line is a small flame. An idea that will ultimately evolve and either he or his friend Barontieri, will add the details that will get the job done…

Good work is the result of many parameters that in the end boil down to only 2, passion for what you do and attention to detail.
Passion is the motivation. What keeps you working and producing ideas after the “burn out” point, it comes from the love for your craft and the results you clients get. Sometimes the feedback is so overwhelming, when a product or service skyrockets and the client says a sincere “thank you”. A good product screams for a good design and then every product needs good design to go to its full potential.
Attention to detail is the element that elevates the “idea” to a solution. More than an execution of the idea, the final design is a distilling of all possible choices along a route.

Sometimes you come to an end result going the wrong route, that is the time you scrap everything and start again, you don’t “sell it” as it is because it’s bad ethics, that is the essence of our work, finding the proper solution given the context.

We are 2, nowdays 3 people loving our craft.
Graphic Design, Technology and Programming. We are consciously great at what we do, just because we love it.