EXTERIOR RENDERINGS​ 3D VISUALISATION 3D ARCH VIZ THEPROJECTS A collection of various 3D exterior renderings.


MAQUETTES Physical models of architectural projects Architectural Marketing Models THEPROJECTS Create a physical maquette of your projects under development. A marketing model gives the potential customer a clear picture of your vision, showing the scale and unique features of each project. It adds the wow factor in the rest of the presentation, and becomes a […]

Interior Renderings

Interior Renderings 3D VISUALISATION 3D ARCH VIZ THEPROJECTS Various Architectural interior renderings


ENIGMA SILVER JEWELLERY LOGO BROCHURES THEPROJECT For the 7th consecutive year we have designed the catalogs for these unique jewels. Every single year the challenge is definitely to create something fresh and robust, which helps to highlight the jewelry, and not just be “hanging” into the printed form. This time we proposed to add a […]

Graphic Stories / Cyprus 2022

Graphic Stories Cyprus is a well-established event on the island, and it was a great pleasure when we got the invitation to participate in this effort by Aggeliki. The subject of our presentation and workshop was charging for creative work. It proved a very interesting topic for both graphic design students and seasoned professionals, with […]


MELISSA KORI TRADITIONAL APICULTURE LOGO BROCHURESPRODUCT LABELS THEPROJECT The brand is about a new series of authentic Greek honey. After our conferring with the client, we decided to include elements from the classical era, as an honorable mention to the beginnings of beekeeping in our country. We were inspired by representations of jewelry from Minoan […]


HOWAT SOLARSYSTEMS LOGO BROCHURES THEPROJECT We were challenged to redesign the entire printed material (master catalog, product brochures, technical brochures). The difficult part here was that there was no possibility of a new and appropriate material about the products themselves (photos and drawings), so we had to work with the material we had in terms […]


POLECONOMIX POLITICAL SCIENCES PORTAL AND MORE LOGO WEB PORTAL THEPROJECT We designed this portal for a very good friend. We really liked this project because we were given the freedom to move as we wished. So we decided not to adopt a strict framework that a political economy page would likely require. For the logo […]


DIMAS SOLAR SOLAR COLLECTORSINDUSTRY LOGO & CORP. ID BROCHURES WEB PAGE THEPROJECT One of the largest solar panel manufacturers in Europe and one of our oldest and most stable customers. Our collaboration includes all parts of visual communication, from logo design, corporate identity and all forms to website and 3D models of products. We recently […]


GEOANTHOS PLANT PROTECTION AMINERALS LOGO GRAPHIC THEPROJECT An innovative company dealing in zeolite products and industrial minerals. The client asked us to design the labels for all the products. Almost all products are mineral powders intended for domestic, agricultural and industrial use. In this way, importance was given to the direct information of the customer, […]


hotel athena BUTIQUE HOTEL AT THE CENTER OF NAFPLIO LOGO GRAPHIC THEPROJECT For this Boutique Hotel located in the center of the old town of Nafplio, the project was clear almost from the beginning. Housed in a renovated building from the 60s, it immediately gave us images from that era where the classic still retained […]


LINING.GR SPORTWEAR COMPANY E-SHOP DESIGN for GREECE THEPROJECT It was with great pleasure that we undertook to design the online store for the representative of Lining in Greece, an emerging company in the field of sportswear. The brief we were given called for something fresh with bright colors to be different from all others clothing […]


INTRADOOR INTERIOR DOOR & INDUSTRY LOGO BROCHURESWEB PAGE THEPROJECT Intradoor is a pioneer company active in the field of interior doors. When designing the logo, we wanted to visualize the focus of the company, based on the two elements of the name. The application of the corporate identity combines elements that refer to the basic […]


TASTE 3 TEA & MORE LOGO CORPORATE IDESHOP THEPROJECT Taking on this project, the main goal was to design a logo that would work at all levels and have a free base since the company is constantly expanding its areas of activity. We then proceeded to design the forms and various packaging labels, mainly for […]


STELLA GIOULOU PROFESSIONALPHOTOGRAPHER LOGO CORPORATE IDWEBPAGE THEPROJECT An amazing and very talented wedding photographer who asked us to capture her work in a logo! From the first time we wanted to find a way to convey the unique emotions of such a photo shoot. Love and romance. In the logo, the initials of the name […]


cosmosawards INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY& VIDEOGRAPHY COMPETITION PROMOTIONAL TEASERS THEPROJECT We were proposed to undertake the creation of poster teasers with the main use of electronic promotion. The first part is about using the member’s photo and the second is about embedding the information. The point was to have a balance so that one piece does not […]