Pearl 7

PEARL 7 Exterior & Interior 3D ARCH VIZ THEPROJECT A unique project in the most promising area of Larnaka. Near the biggest development of the country, the Port & Marina Project in Larnaka (1.2bil). The 5 floor, 25 apartment building is at the initatial stage of construction. The visualization of the project was done in […]

Dimas Solar – Product viz

DIMAS SOLAR PRODUCT VIZ A series of product images used for promotion 3D ARCH VIZ THE DESIGN Using 3ds Max & Vray we created a series of images that cover the main products of the industry. Their characteristics (bulky, metal objects with glass surfaces) make them very difficult to be photographed. A more cost-effective way […]

Anax Plaza

ANAX PLAZA Exterior and interior study for multipurpose building 3D INTERIOR EXTERIOR THE DESIGN Using 3ds Max & Vray we tried to visualize different investment options for a big real estate project. Images are both exterior and interior focusing on the strong point of each option.

Atlantis Gardens interior

ATLANTIS GARDENS INTERIOR 3d viz of holidays resort interiors 3D INTERIOR THE DESIGN A series of images created using 3ds Max & Vray in order to explore design ideas for the interior of Atlantis Gardens Resort.