EXTERIOR RENDERINGS​ 3D VISUALISATION 3D ARCH VIZ THEPROJECTS A collection of various 3D exterior renderings.


MAQUETTES Physical models of architectural projects Architectural Marketing Models THEPROJECTS Create a physical maquette of your projects under development. A marketing model gives the potential customer a clear picture of your vision, showing the scale and unique features of each project. It adds the wow factor in the rest of the presentation, and becomes a […]

Interior Renderings

Interior Renderings 3D VISUALISATION 3D ARCH VIZ THEPROJECTS Various Architectural interior renderings

Pearl 7

PEARL 7 Exterior & Interior 3D ARCH VIZ THEPROJECT A unique project in the most promising area of Larnaka. Near the biggest development of the country, the Port & Marina Project in Larnaka (1.2bil). The 5 floor, 25 apartment building is at the initatial stage of construction. The visualization of the project was done in […]

Dimas Solar – Product viz

DIMAS SOLAR PRODUCT VIZ A series of product images used for promotion 3D ARCH VIZ THE DESIGN Using 3ds Max & Vray we created a series of images that cover the main products of the industry. Their characteristics (bulky, metal objects with glass surfaces) make them very difficult to be photographed. A more cost-effective way […]

Anax Plaza

ANAX PLAZA Exterior and interior study for multipurpose building 3D INTERIOR EXTERIOR THE DESIGN Using 3ds Max & Vray we tried to visualize different investment options for a big real estate project. Images are both exterior and interior focusing on the strong point of each option.