POLECONOMIX POLITICAL SCIENCES PORTAL AND MORE LOGO WEB PORTAL THEPROJECT We designed this portal for a very good friend. We really liked this project because we were given the freedom to move as we wished. So we decided not to adopt a strict framework that a political economy page would likely require. For the logo […]


DIMAS SOLAR SOLAR COLLECTORSINDUSTRY LOGO & CORP. ID BROCHURES WEB PAGE THEPROJECT One of the largest solar panel manufacturers in Europe and one of our oldest and most stable customers. Our collaboration includes all parts of visual communication, from logo design, corporate identity and all forms to website and 3D models of products. We recently […]


LINING.GR SPORTWEAR COMPANY E-SHOP DESIGN for GREECE THEPROJECT It was with great pleasure that we undertook to design the online store for the representative of Lining in Greece, an emerging company in the field of sportswear. The brief we were given called for something fresh with bright colors to be different from all others clothing […]


INTRADOOR INTERIOR DOOR & INDUSTRY LOGO BROCHURESWEB PAGE THEPROJECT Intradoor is a pioneer company active in the field of interior doors. When designing the logo, we wanted to visualize the focus of the company, based on the two elements of the name. The application of the corporate identity combines elements that refer to the basic […]


TASTE 3 TEA & MORE LOGO CORPORATE IDESHOP THEPROJECT Taking on this project, the main goal was to design a logo that would work at all levels and have a free base since the company is constantly expanding its areas of activity. We then proceeded to design the forms and various packaging labels, mainly for […]


STELLA GIOULOU PROFESSIONALPHOTOGRAPHER LOGO CORPORATE IDWEBPAGE THEPROJECT An amazing and very talented wedding photographer who asked us to capture her work in a logo! From the first time we wanted to find a way to convey the unique emotions of such a photo shoot. Love and romance. In the logo, the initials of the name […]


BLUEWATERS MYKONOS LUXURYHOUSES & VILLAS LOGO CORPORATE IDWEB PAGE THEPROJECT What does one find in the Cyclades… Blue and white! Water, stone and sky! The characteristic white Cycladic houses with small windows and curves at the edges, often caressed by the Aegean Sea. In our design we wanted to keep everything as simple as possible, […]


KOSTANTINOS theofilopoulos URBANPHOTOGRAPHER LOGOCORPORATE IDWEB PAGE THEPROJECT In the email we received, we were quoted to design a website that simulates an online magazine. The client didn’t just want his photos to be presented, but to join the space together with graphic elements so that the user perceives his work in a functional context and […]


GOURMETGYROS GOURMET STREET FOOD IN CYPRUS WEB PAGE THEPROJECT Based on a fantastic photographic material, we wanted to let the images tell the story. Sometimes all it takes is a few clever details, a fresh layout and the right background to create something so beautiful that it just…works! webpage/design web design/pages web design/pages take me […]


TELEDIEXODOS IT & PRIVATE SECURITYservives WEB PAGE THEPROJECT Telediexodos is an established local business that is making the next step in the IT market. In order to portray that we proceed with a minor logo modification by simplifing it and then to a full website redesign. A clean layout for the site and a fresh […]


jupiterzone Cloudservices WEB PAGE THEPROJECT Jupiter Zone is not a simple provider for cloud services. It gives it’s customers complete solutions from simple PBX services to full cloud based working. The idea of the site (which included a minor lifting of the logo) is to display the attributes of the company and the difference in […]


agro agriculturalapplications LOGO CORPORATE ID WEB PAGE THEPROJECT This project required the implementation of many elements that directly refer to agricultural applications, which is also the company’s field of activity. We also wanted to include several earth tones in the basic logo design as well as the corporate identity. Thus the word “agro” maintains clean […]


IROFILOS DIAGNOSTIC MEDICAL CENTER LOGO CORPORATE IDWEB PAGE THEPROJECT Wanting to escape from the solidified strict image of the Diagnostic Centers and the medical field in general that often creates bad feelings in the examinees, the owner of the Center requested to design the identity without signs and colors that are directly related to the […]


AK JEWELLERS ANDREAS KAVALARIS WORKSHOP WEB DESIGN THEPROJECT In this project, the main issue was the highlighting of jewelry, precious metals and stones. So we used the black color as a base to “enliven” the photos and at the same time give it a premium character. To enhance the experience, we included animated elements on […]


axion esti TRADITIONAL BEEKEEPING LOGO BROCHURES & PACKAGE WEB THEPROJECT An organic beekeeping company with great acclaim in the field and many years of presence. Multi-awarded for the quality of its products. We have designed the entire range of visual communication and packaging applications over the last decade and have already gone ahead with the […]