we are almost ready

You're never ready. Or at least that's what most people think. All these years we have been trying to get the best result in our work. To convey all these ideas that our mind generates from the moment we undertake a project. Difficult task, difficult in a unique away because usually the ideas are there, you think you got them standing there in your head, but when they reach the paper, the pen, the screen things get messy. What looked perfect isn't, the shapes don't "match". And where everything creates a nice dead end, you see a line on the edge of the paper that does something to you. A door to a new room that has a bunch of other ideas inside. Shapes and letters get mixed up and the mind that was dry suddenly becomes wet. This strange feeling rushes within you, a momentary joy that everything is going well. And then on the other side you see a window. You approach out of curiosity to see and then in front of you is an endless courtyard with ideas thrown here and there. The order is lost and everything looks like chaos. And you try to go back to what you were working on before. But maybe think again? All these before you are answers. You have to choose the right one. But which one? All could be correct. Or at least that's what they look like. But you know what one is. You're never ready.
(from a graphic designer's diary)